About this site

Hi and welcome to standards-schmandards.com. Here you will find articles about web standards, accessibility and usability. Occasionally there will be articles where we digress from these topics. This publication was started by Peter Krantz and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. For privacy information see the privacy policy.

My hope for the future: web accessibility will not be around as a topic anymore. Noone will be able to make a living as an accessibility expert because all web sites will be accessible and accessibility will be an integral part of all development efforts. All authoring tools will comply with the ATAG recommendation and editors will only have a vague memory of how difficult it was to publish accessible information in the early 21st century.

What this site is about

We will try to stay clear of things you can find somewhere else. Instead we will focus on solutions to problems that developers sooner or later will face when developing and testing web sites. We will also try to add some value by providing applications and code that you as a developer can actually use. Our hope is that this site will be of interest to those who already know the basics. Bold statements you may think.

What you won’t find here

There are many sites writing about the same topics. Most of them will tell you pretty much the same things; how to make html tables, what XHTML is, how to use the list element. Our ambition is to stay away from topics like those.

Also, we will not bitch about web standards all the time. You already know it is good for you. Also, we will not go fanatic on you and say that you can’t use Flash or that your web site sucks if it doesn’t display properly in Lynx. Technology is changing day by day and we will try to write about how you can move with it (accessibly) instead of trying to cement your web site to the nineties.

About the choice of domain name

Judging from the amount of threatening e-mails we get from standardistas (some of which are written in UPPERCASE LETTERS) refering to the choice of domain name, I guess I have to explain:

  • Are you developing a new site or application? Use the W3C recommendations. It will save you money, trouble and pain.
  • Is your current site an html tag soup? Do you have a limited budget but need to increase accessibility? Chances are that there are many things you could do before spending it all it all on having web consultants converting it to proper W3C markup. A lot of these things you can do yourself.

Just to make sure you catch the point:

The W3C recommendations are important! The choice of domain name is an attempt to create a debate.

Site graphics

The template for this site is made by Peter Krantz using rendered images from Thomas Krantz. Please do not use any of the graphics without asking.

How to contact me

Need to get in touch? Please contact me at peter@peterkrantz.se or @peterkz_swe on Twitter.